Easy Rooster Quesadilla Recipe

Hen quesadillas can be a excellent menu idea for a active household or someone with a entire plan. They are effortless to make and need as little as 3 ingredients, or you can get imaginative and mix and match flavors until finally you discover the excellent mixture that tends to make your mouth h2o or preserve it inexpensive and easy. The opportunities are nearly unlimited. In this publish I am going to protect a straightforward recipe and crack down how to make a wonderful quesadilla. I’ll also toss out some suggestions on how to make some more complex variations, So let’s get started out.

You will need:

A twelve” frying pan
2 10″ flour tortillas
one cup of boneless, skinless chicken breast(pre cooked)
1 cup of shredded cheese (A Mexican blend is typically greatest)
Butter or margarine

Begin by preheating your frying pan to medium heat. Then lightly butter one particular of your flour tortillas and lay it butter side down in the frying pan. Unfold 1/2 a cup of your shredded cheese as evenly as feasible on the tortilla inside the pan. Following, evenly distribute the total cup of hen on leading of the cheese. Then sprinkle the remaining one/two cup of shredded cheese on leading of the chicken. Although your cheese is melting inside your pan you can proceed to butter the other flour tortilla. Place the second tortilla in the pan butter facet up.

It is extremely crucial to make certain your second tortilla is butter side up since you are now likely to use a spatula to flip the quesadilla and enable the other aspect brown. Do not flip the quesadilla until the initial aspect is golden brown, the cheese need to be at least starting to melt as effectively. The flipping approach may just take some time to best and you may possibly stop up with a lop sided quesadilla on your very first try but will not be concerned, shortly you are going to be in a position to get the two sides completely golden brown. If you discover that your cheese is melting before your tortilla is golden brown, you most probably did not allow your pan preheat prolonged enough, or you might not have used adequate butter.

If you find that your tortilla is burning ahead of your cheese is melted your burner is way too substantial, turn it down a little bit till you discover the right warmth environment. Right after equally sides are golden brown eliminate the quesadilla from the pan. quesadilla near me Reduce into eight parts by slicing the whole quesadilla in half, then cut each halves in 50 percent and you are going to have four huge parts, Reduce these in fifty percent and serve with the facet of your choice, usually sour cream. Some men and women like guacamole as well which is a fantastic option.

And it’s that effortless! The total method requires about 10 minutes soon after you’ve got accomplished it a couple of instances and is a excellent way to make up a low-cost, easy food. Now we are going to touch on some issues you can include or change to make some wild quesadilla recipes.

You can:

Substitute rooster for steak

Toss your chicken in buffalo sauce before positioning it in the pan and serve with ranch dressing (my personalized favored!)
If your child is picky like mine, depart out the rooster all with each other. Trust me, my daughter loves it!
Substitute rooster for all your favorite veggies! Collect your preferred veggies, preheat your pan, in oil cook dinner your veggies until finally tender, then make the quesadilla the very same way you generally would.

You can add issues like Pico De Gallo, jalapeno, bacon, pineapples, spinach. there are too many to checklist! I love quesadillas and there not as scary to make as some men and women consider.